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    Louisville Mulling Vape Ban Indoors Across the Board

    In Louisville, a panel of medical and public health officials proposed their studies and make a case against e-cigs and hookah that could ban them in the city going forward and possibly kick off a wider variety of bans across the county. Excerpt from the article: Proponents of vaping, meanwhile, took issue with some of the
  • Why Use an E-Cigar over a Real Cigar?

    If  you’ve turned on the news, or looked online lately, it’s likely you’ve seen a story about vaping and e cigars. For those who aren’t familiar with how electronic cigars work, a common question is, “Why do people vape?” People vape for a number of reasons, but the most important is that many vapers choose e
  • Popcorn Lung? Its a Load of Crap. Here’s Why.

    I’m sure you’ve heard the stories from your grandma on Facebook about how you’re going to get Bronchiolitis obliterans aka “Popcorn Lung” and die a horrible death from vaping. The study that reached the conclusion that diacetyl was found in 75% of e-cigarette flavors was published in the journalEnvironmental Health Perspectives and has spawned an abundance of
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    Disposable vs. Rechargeable E-Cigars, Which Type is Right For You?

    EcigarME offers both disposable E-Cigars and rechargeable E-Cigars which are both electronic cigars, however both have their own pros and cons.  If you have never enjoyed an E-cigar before and are coming over from a traditional cigar, often times customers will go for the disposable cigar option first to get their feet wet. The disposable
  • No more Vaping for the US Navy? E-Cig Ban Reaching Our Military

    According to an article from Navy Times, a full vaping ban on all Navy bases and ships may soon come into effect. “The Naval Safety Center concludes that these devices pose a significant and unacceptable risk to Navy personnel, facilities, submarines, ships, vessels and aircraft,” the memo reads,going on to recommend a full ban of