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Shipping is completed via USPS Priority Mail. On rare occasions we will use Fed-Ex, but only if that means you are getting your order sooner.

Yes! At this time we do not have International shipping automatically built in, however you may place an order if you are one of our international customers. We will simply email you the shipping price, receive authorization and charge your payment method of choice.

Priority mail states 3-5 business days, however most times you can expect 2-4 days on average.  We provide tracking as soon as the package leaves and will ship same day as long as you order before 2pm central

All forms of credit card are currently accepted as well as PayPal. If you would like to arrange an alternative payment method, please use the contact us form or live chat at the bottom of your screen.

Yes. It is as safe today as it would be to go to your local Wal-Mart. We have a built in SSL certificate which transfers you to a safe and secure “zone” on the internet for processing payments without worrying about your card being compromised.

Puff Count is a subjective measurement which is different for each user’s designated “puff”. How big is a puff? Who is doing the puffing? IS my puff bigger than your puff?  We have all experienced electronic cigars and e-cigarettes that claim to be 500 puffs. And they probably were.  If the “puffer” was a tiny mouse.

That is why we prefer to compare our electronic cigars to “cigars of equivalent size”. Not only does this give you a better estimate, but it also gives you a more realistic idea of what you are getting into.

An Electronic Cigar is made up of 4 basic parts: a battery, an atomizer, inorganic fibers and a liquid mixture.  When you inhale on one of our e-cigars, an electronic airflow detection device activates the battery, which then heats the atomizer.  The inorganic fibers (which ware soaked in the liquid mixture) then vaporizes the mixture, giving you a cigar like experience.

All of this is technical speak for a simple explanation: Your electronic cigar comes ready to use, right out of the package.  No messy juices, no hassle. You will be able to enjoy your e-cigar form the first puff to the last.

Nicotine itself is a stimulant, just like caffeine.  While nicotine is addictive, it is not the cancer-causing agents in traditional tobacco.

Our electronic cigars come in two varieties:

High Nicotine – 24mg/mL

Zero Nicotine – 0mg/mL

Our flavors come from the highest quality manufactures around the globe.  They are the same flavors that are in food additives and other products that require an authentic, healthy addition of flavor.  Unfortunately we can’t tell you exactly who produces them, as that is proprietary information and we would quickly have to dispatch a special operations unit to keep you quiet.

We want our customers to enjoy a premium cigar experience whenever they use our cigars.  This includes in public settings. There are lot of people and places that still might be confused by a glowing red tip, followed by what appears to be smoke.  We don’t want you to have to justify your enjoyment.  We have had customers (and had experiences ourselves) where the responses were angry and unwilling to listen to an explanation.

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