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“Lives up to expectations”

I just received my second order of Royale Premium Electronic Cigars and thus far have been very happy with the product. Packaging is rich; color, ring size and draw make it a great substitute for the cigars I typically smoke; and I find I am actually smoking less because it’s so easy to put aside and them use again without the hassle of relighting or any after taste. My only reservation is price — I find my e-cigar is the equivalent of 4-5 regular cigars so it’s equivalent to a pricey $6-7 cigar, which may affect frequency as far a smoking e-cigars. (My wife, on the other hands, think they are a bargain at any cost.)

“Tons of vapor on each draw.”

Not only does this product taste great, and have a beautiful fragrance, it’s relatively inexpensive compared to traditional tobacco cigars, and it has the BEST amount of vapor of any vape product I’ve seen anywhere. For some reason, the Cubana produces more vapor than other AV products. As mentioned before, it produce more vape per draw than any other product I’ve ever seen.

“I think they’re great.” 

I bought a dozen club series E-cigars with the intent of passing them out when my new nephew is born in about 3 months, but I’m vaping them myself and passing them out as samples to my friends, and will probably order more for when the kid arrives. I bought the traditional flavor because I’ve had it before and it’s positively delicious, like a really nice cigar.
Since the mini is about the size of a filterless cigarette, knuckleheads will probably compare the price of the mini to the price of cigarettes rather than compare it to an $8 cigar. That’s unfortunate because it’s not a cigarette and is comparable to an $8 cigar, but, of course, better tasting, better for you, more convenient, doesn’t stink, etc. In fact it has a beautiful fragrance, but doesn’t stink up your clothes the way tobacco does. These are great for parties or events like a new birth, but if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, try the rechargeable Marecello. The replaceable cartridges last a LONG, LONG time but only cost a bit more than the Club mini. I’ve tried all the Antonio Villard products and love them all.

“WOW! It’s like the real thing!” 

I have been smoking cigars for many years and inhaling most of the time. Doing this has really destroyed my breathing capacity more than Cigarettes did. I was waiting to find a product that was as close to perfect as possible and the “Antonio Villard Maracello” is that product! It has a nice thick vapor, a smooth mocha taste, and a easy draw. It looks and feels great in your hand. I would highly recommend this E-Cigar to anyone wanting to get rid of the stink and stigma associated with “real” Cigars. I would like to see Antonio Villard offer the Maracello with a travel case, a longer USB cord and an extra tip.

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