Electronic Pipe Kit Cartridge Style

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Electronic Pipe Kit Cartridge Style

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Electronic Pipe Kit Cartridge Style. Comes with Pipe, 3 cartridges, wall charger and rechargeable battery complete in a handsome case.

Ecigarme – is your one stop shop for electronic cigars as well as pipes and accessories. While the ecigar market has just got going we test all new products as they are available. We have chosen what we feel are the best e-cigars in their appropriate category to offer you our customer. Antonio Villard premium cigars our in our opinion the most elegant of all. Available in disposable and a few rechargeable options. Equally impressive are the JSB disposables and rechargeables. The rechargeable comes with a handy usb plug in which can plug into your computer or any usb capable charger. Available in gold cigar, Havana and cuba. We like them all. My favorite disposable is the BTX. Very long lasting and great cuba flavor. The ISMK cigars are available as well in disposable or rechargeable. The ISMK offers a more rich and mild cigar taste in the available flavors. These are also long lasting. Ecigarme also has disposable fruit flavored cigars. These little guys taste great and for a small cigarette style last a long time. Our pipes are available to use your favorite e-liquid or we have a model that uses disposable cartridges. They look real and people always ask “what is that” . Eciigarme offers e-juice as well so check out our selection. Don’t forget to create an account and get our exclusive offers and coupons. Don’t worry we will not send you a bunch of emails maybe one per month. We will only add products that we test for quality and feel you may like. We do not sell e-cigarettes on our site but follow the link to ecigwecig for thousands of products.


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